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"Made-up" words that aren't ashamed of their newness. As valid and sonically resonant as any other. Composed of linguistic conventions, as well as the shockingly-common breaks. Be a semiotician, participate in the totally-real semasiological, onomasiological, and voniological groundwork of the L=Y=R=A-dreamed lexemes. 

October 9th, 2023 - Ken Hogarty

Image by Mikita Yo

Thrumped – (verb) – decisive action based on emotion and ego rather that fact, sans scientific or common-sense evidence. Ex: Storming the U.S. Capitol, followers thrumped previous outrages. 


The root word (trump) enjoys positive connotations in card games, designating the suit outranking others. While one “plays a trump,” “thrumpers” play an electorate. Pointedly, QAnon pronouncements would be better rendered “thrumped up.”

In Bridge, the classic card game, “No-Trump” is often the best call. That, however, would not be viable for a bidder who owns clubs, hates spades, doesn’t have a heart at all, and whose partner loves diamonds.

In the game Hearts (Black Lady), players try “sticking it to” opponents, “thrumping them,” and isolating them with the black queen. “Thrumping” is also noteworthy in Rummy, Crazy Eights, [named after the military term “section eight” or “wacko”], Bullshit, I Doubt It, and especially Screw Your Neighbor. Thrump rules imply losers get “thrumped” playing all those games.

Sound Alike: A “thrumper,” the noun variation, is more akin to the rhythm violence -- the blistering speed and brutal physicality -- of a “thumper” (a blow) rather than the name of the cute, cuddly, rabbit kitten from Disney fame.

The term “thrump” enjoyed a Covid-like spread through Twitter and other social media platforms, which often thrumped truth (thruth?) and trust (thrust?) until the main perpetrator himself got thrumped. He hopes, God forbid, to be “born again.”

Feb 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th - Steve Gerson

Image by Mael BALLAND

Denierzens (n): the people who live in the subterranean, airless, braindead world of denial. They deny any election result in which someone other than their preferred candidate won office. Interestingly, these denizens of denial sometimes run for office themselves. They accept the people's vote if they win but claim voter fraud if they lose. Hmmm.
Suburbaniacs (n): suburbanites who want MORE! The biggest firepit for their outdoor living room, the biggest hybrid SUV, the best prep school to ensure their perfect kids get into the most elite college, the most toned bodies achieved through the best Pilates-yoga-Barre classes followed by a sips of CBD-infused bubble tea. A suburbaniac is the maniac living in the most expensive house on the block, the one with a placard on the door reading “EnVi.”
Conspiracrazies (n): people who believe wacko views about everything, including who really assassinated Kennedy, how the Chinese are controlling climate change, how Elvis isn't dead (or John Lennon) (or Princess Diana), that the moon landing was faked, that cellphones cause cancer, etc. And there are lots of etceteras for people crazy on conspiracies.
Gasliars (n): people who gaslight to gain control over others through lies, psychobabble, and the manipulative ability to distort, distract, and dissemble. These are bad people! Avoid at all cost.
Pandemicitis (n): fear of all things contagious leading to the avoidance of anything public. Life in a bunker is inevitable for anyone suffering from pandemicitis. TrumPuting (v): the act of trumpeting dictators and wannabe tyrants. Glad-handing, back-patting, and overt kissing-up-to are components along with providing advice for and assistance with insurrection planning.
Influencerettes (n): the next generation of influencers, tweens in training to help us all dress, eat, dance, live, and love better, and make millions along the way. Online classes for influencerettes include "be your best selfie," "dance like a TikToker," and "crypto investment strategies." Their motto is “Be the next Kardashian!”

Image by Robert Anasch

Dec 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th - Bret McCormick

Minuthanasia: The act of killing someone with trivial details.


Integreat: To acquire the habits of great people.


Curiculum: Training for a mongrel.


Brontesoreass: One who despises the novels of the Bronte sisters.


Disaffconfection: One’s disinclination to eat sweets.

Image by Brian Lundquist

10/15-16-17/22 - Lira Rosemary


Denuvil: v. the act of fixing on a point (unblinking) until reality withdraws and changes.

Denuvilance: n. a practice that consists of unblinking observation until perceiving light alterations and disappearances.

Denuvilant: a person who practices denuvilance frequently.

Image by Gabriella Clare Marino

10/14/22 - Jacob Laba


A Latin and Seneca expert was having a hard day. He felt the language (Latin) that had nurtured and cultivated his identity astray, unyoked from the roots of common dialectic. Moreover, he felt Seneca himself looming over him, he the only one who understood Seneca's age-old tongue; however, he did not understand Seneca's laments, his head-shakes, and his constant "Brevitate Vitae... Brevitate Vitae..." while fixed on him. So furious that the ghost of Seneca refused to elaborate, he scribbled and pounded a pen across Seneca's original manuscripts, and one of the words, venīre - specifically its first - was the victim of a drop of ink, disfigured into a vonīre. The professor so liked its appearance that he couldn't help but dot the first e of Seneca's venīres until a great deal became vonīres. Ever since, interpreters of Seneca's manuscripts have thought vonīre a commonplace in the dialect of Roman statesmen, but since it did not appear elsewhere, they thought it artifice, an "invented word", and it thus adopted such a meaning.

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